Long-time homeowners, new homeowners and business owners alike can benefit from Portland OR overhead door services. Whether you need a new overhead door installed which complements or enhances the look of your home or business or you need maintenance or repair done to your existing Portland overhead door, Portland Garage Door Services delivers all you could possibly need. Our licensed, bonded and insured professional technicians are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to address any and all overhead door issues Portland OR residents may encounter.

From overhead door openers, springs and tracks, accessories like remotes, keypads and backup batteries and custom overhead door designs from basic to luxury, Portland Garage Door Services has the expert and knowledgeable Portland overhead door technicians who will create the solutions you need, on your time frame and budget. Our new overhead door installation services are completely customizable as far as door material and designs. We work with all major overhead door and overhead door opener manufacturers so with us your choices are essentially unlimited.

As a small community of dedicated overhead door enthusiasts, we at Portland Garage Door Services know overhead doors inside and out. That means in addition to installing new doors we have extensive knowledge about the many parts of overhead doors and the countless ways they can become misaligned or damaged and require repair. When an overhead door for a home or business is used on a regular basis it is part of the natural process that some of its parts will wear out. The most common parts to wear out are the extension or torsion springs, the tracks the overhead door moves across and the opener itself which may run with a screw, a chain or a belt drive that can become over-stressed. In every case our experienced technicians will be able to make the needed repairs to prolong the life of your overhead door for years to come.

If you are not currently experiencing any acute or urgent issues with your Portland overhead door you may still seek the services of Portland Garage Door Services for a preventative maintenance inspection or tune up. This approach will catch any potential issues before they can cause a major problem. There is more benefit to this preventative approach than just saving money down the line. Many sudden overhead door issues can be extremely dangerous. When an overhead door spring or track breaks it can leave the door handing precariously from the ceiling at a crooked angle or drop it suddenly from its suspended position. Many people have been seriously harmed, even fatally, from broken overhead doors, especially when they try to take down the very heavy door themselves or attempt a repair job on their own. Please take this warning to heart. Whether you choose Portland Garage Door Services or another company to help you with your overhead door, it is best to leave it up to a professional. Keep your own and your family’s safety in mind at all times and beware heavy doors and strong springs, especially when they are damaged.