If your garage door has gone off track you know it – it is probably crookedly hanging off to the side or even dangling from just one cable. Bottom line, it looks just plain wrong and it most certainly cannot open or close properly, nor should you attempt to open or close it. In fact, steer completely clear of your garage door off track because it has the potential to fall from where it is suspended, onto your car or something far worse.

The most likely reason your garage door has become so misaligned is that one of the cables that holds it up has gotten worn out and snapped, leaving it attached on only one side. The other likely option, which could get someone in the family in a bit of trouble, is that the garage door was stuck from inside or outside by a vehicle, knocking it askew. A third possibility, though unlikely if your garage door has been properly maintained and is up to safety code, is that it came down on top of something while trying to close, whether a vehicle or other hard object. Modern safety sensors do not allow this scenario because they sense when something is in the way of the door and reverse it before it’s too late. This would signal a need for more in depth service to bring the off track garage door up to date code wise.

Fixing Your Off Track Garage Door

When you find yourself in the scenario of seeing your garage door off track, too crooked to close or secure properly, you may feel just a bit panicked. As mentioned above, please do not attempt any repairs on your own as this has the potential of causing serious injury. Instead make a call to Portland Garage Door Services where a skilled, licensed, bonded and insured technician can come out to your home or business immediately. It is never too late or too early or a day when we aren’t ready to help you with your Portland garage door issues, particularly an off track garage door, which usually demands quick attention. So even when things look pretty bad, rest assured it’s nothing that can’t be fixed by a professional the very same day.

In addition to getting your garage door back set squarely back in its tracks, Portland Garage Door Services expert will also investigate the reason for the problem and address any additional issues that may come to light. This could be an old, rusted or misaligned track, a faulty security sensor or a garage door that’s been driven into and needs some work done on the door itself. In any case, your Portland off track garage door professional will give you all the information and price quote before they begin their work. You always know what quality work you’re getting when you work with Portland Garage Door Services.