When you have a garage door that perfectly compliments your home and a garage door opener that works smoothly and silently you have all you need to be completely satisfied with your garage door situation, right? Well, all of that is wonderful as long as you have a way to operate it! There are some extra devices which round out your garage door setup so that everything works in harmony with an emphasis on convenience and security. Portland Garage Door Services can provide each of these solutions and will take every step to be sure they are in good working order and just right for you.

Garage Door Remote

It may be a small and simple device, but the garage door remote is truly essential to convenient operation of your garage door, especially when you drive in and out. If you do not have one a Portland Garage Door Services technician can provide a you a new one to work with any type of opener you may have. Your technician will be able to program it for you exactly to your preference and you will be controlling your garage door effortlessly in a matter of minutes. If you already have a garage door remote but it’s not working it is no problem for our garage Garage Door Keypaddoor expert to come take a look at it, understand why it’s not working and fix it for you on the spot. There is no reason a missing or broken garage remote should hold you up for long!

Garage Door Keypad

Another accessory which can add not only convenience but security and safety to your home is a garage door keypad. This handy device is mounted just outside your garage door and wirelessly transmits a signal to open your garage door when you enter the correct code. It is amazing what a simple piece of technology can do to improve your home and garage security. Now only you and the rest of your household will be able to access the garage at time. Plus, this is perfect back up option for entering the house should you get locked out or find yourself without your house key!

Garage Door Battery Backup

While this may not be a scenario you’ve thought of, in the event of a power outage you may not be able to open your garage door. All garage door openers operate off of electricity so no power means your neither your remote nor your keypad will work because the opener cannot work. That is unless you’ve thought ahead by installing a battery backup. This will ensure that even in the event of an emergency you will be able to unlock, open and close your garage door, an essential thing in case there is ever a need to evacuate.