Damage to a panel of your garage door can happen in numerous ways. A winter storm could stir up strong winds that send tree branches to collide with your home and your garage door. The kids could get a little too close to the door while practicing their baseball swings or basketball shots. Or you could just be distracted on your way to or from work and bump your car right into the inside or outside ofComplimentary Panel Garage Door the door. No matter how your garage door becomes dented, scratched or otherwise damaged, Portland Garage Door Services is ready and able to get it restored back to perfect condition, 24/7.

When you can see damage or wear and tear to your garage door, whether caused by an accident or natural deterioration, it is the best option to have a Portland garage door panel professional take a thorough look at it. This is because while the outer damage may be obvious, internal damage to other parts of the garage door system may not be detectable except by an expert. Unobvious damage is especially likely when the garage door panel has been struck hard by something, like a vehicle. An event like this puts stress on almost all parts of the complex garage door system from springs, to hinges, to tracks to the motor of the opener.

In the best case scenario only one or two panels are damaged in a cosmetic way and can be quickly repaired or replaced by a Portland Garage Door Services technician to restore the flawless look of your garage door. Quickly addressing this simple issue will prevent further deterioration from rust or warping. In other scenarios the inspection will reveal other issues which are even more important to address right away in order to prevent future catastrophic damage and even severe safety issues. Either way, any home or business owner is better off having a professional evaluate their Portland OR garage door panel after damage.